Press Release-Update from the P5 Project Leadership Team.

P5 Project Team members Paul-N6PSE and David-AH6HY have just returned from their extensive travels throughout the DPRK. Total distance covered was from Panmunjom at the DMZ in the South to Sonbong in the North, bordering China and Russia. Paul and David are among the first Western travelers to be allowed to enter the DPRK from Namyang and later exiting from Wonjong back into China.

The purpose of the visit was to meet with DPRK Government Representatives in Pyongyang and to survey and assess various potential Dxpedition venues throughout the country. Particular attention was paid to terrain and the availability of reliable power.

We are making further refinements to our proposals for a major Dxpedition. We will continue to communicate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to further refine our proposals. Our goals are to provide a much needed P5 contact to the entire amateur radio community world-wide.

We also enjoyed visits to several schools and we enjoyed the conversations that we had with the school children. We also were able to visit various factories throughout the country. Plans for a 2nd visit to the DPRK are already underway.

We are very pleased at this time to announce our partnership with the Chinese Amateur Radio Community and their involvement in the P5 Project. We have invited Fan Bin-BA1RB to join the P5 Project Leadership Team and to represent the Chinese Radio Amateur Community in our project.

Thank you,

The P5 Project Leadership Team



Announcing the P5 Project.

Dayton Hamvention

May 18th, 2013

Intrepid-DX Group members, Paul-N6PSE and David-AH6HY have received visas to visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) in June, 2013.

Paul will be traveling to Beijing, China in early June to meet our Chinese emissary who is the key negotiator on our behalf to bring a large multi-national Dxpedition to the DPRK. Paul will accompany the Chinese emissary to Pyongyang for further discussions.

We will present and discuss our proposal for a major Dxpedition, involving two teams of twelve members each to operate consecutively over a thirty day operation. This will allow each team member to work the Dxpedition from their home country.

In mid-June, Paul will return to Beijing, where he will be joined by David Flack-AH6HY. David has been to the DPRK many times and is our subject matter expert on the DPRK. Paul and David will then return to the DPRK and will visit and evaluate possible venues for the Dxpedition.

Paul and David will also visit “Love North Korean Children” Orphanage and Bakery locations in the DPRK. This is part of our P5 Project’s Humanitarian Appeal. In the fall of 2013, Intrepid-DX Group members N6PSE, AH6HY, K3LP and YT1AD will return to the DPRK and will continue to work towards our goal of conducting a major Dxpedition from within the DPRK. We will provide updates as necessary.

How you can help:

While we are not seeking any funding or support for our P5 efforts at this time, we would like to invite those who wish to donate to make a donation to the “Love North Korean Children” Orphanage and Bakery project. This is a very worth-while organization based in the UK. All of your donations will go to help the children in the DPRK.

You can read more about this organization and make a donation here:

Thank you,


The Intrepid-DX Group