The Intrepid-DX Group
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San Jose, CA 95148 USA
RE: T6PSE DXpedition donation refunds.

Dear T6PSE DXpedition supporter:

Please accept our regrets for having to cancel the DXpedition. This was a very difficult decision for us to make, particularly after we shipped all of our equipment to Afghanistan. We cancelled just hours before our flights to Kabul were to begin.
The tragic Death of Jim McLaughlin WA2EWE and the fear of reprisals for the killing of Osama Bin Laden made our security situation in Kabul very uncertain.
Due to our significant shipping costs, we do not have all of the donation money available to refund. The team members have increased their contributions and at this time we are refunding 90% of all donation money that was received. If this is not agreeable to you, please let me know.
Please accept our gratitude for donating to this DXpedition.

Paul S. Ewing-N6PSE
Co-Leader T6PSE DXpedition.


The Intrepid-DX Group has been planning for many months to conduct a large multi-national DXpedition from Kabul, Afghanistan as T6PSE.
We had been receiving advice and assistance from Jim McLaughlin WA2EWE/T6AF, who was killed in Kabul earlier this week.
The Taliban subsequently announced their "Spring Offensive".
Last night, President Obama announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden.
Given these circumstances, and with careful consideration, we have decided to cancel our plans for a DXpedition from Afghanistan. There is just too much uncertainty in the region for us to continue to move forward with our plans.
In the next several weeks, I will refund all donor/sponsor monies that have been given to support our plans.

Thank you,
Paul S. Ewing-N6PSE
Co-Leader T6PSE DXpedition


The Intrepid-DX Group continues to move forward with our plans to conduct a DXpedition from Afghanistan to take place during ten days in May of 2011. Due to security concerns, the exact dates and location of the DXpedition will not be announced until the eve of our activation.
The team is closely monitoring the security situation and events in the news coming from Afghanistan. Unless conditions worsen in the comings weeks, our plans are a go!

Our primary objective is to activate Afghanistan with a goal of providing as many DXers as possible a "new one" with this rare DXCC entity and, as a secondary objective, to give as many band-slots as possible. We will focus on North and South America during those periods when propagation is possible to those areas. We anticipate that we will be working EU amateur stations nearly around the clock, but we will ask for their cooperation to allow us to work North and South America during those brief periods each day when propagation will permit us to work those far away regions.


The T6PSE team has started the time-consuming task of gathering and packing the equipment that will be needed for the DXpedition. We have also tested most of the equipment.
All plans are moving ahead. Team is looking for additional Club and Individual Sponsors.

Thank you,
The T6PSE DXpedition Team.


You can now follow T6PSE on Twitter, and the adventures of the Intrepid-DX Group on Facebook. Watch for plans for other exciting DXpeditions that we are planning.


As many members of the T6PSE team are now making their way to the Spratly Islands to participate in the DX0DX DXpedition, there will not be any updates to the T6PSE web page until late January, 2011.

The T6PSE Afghanistan DXpedition team continues to move forward with our planning. We are very pleased to receive significant support from the NCDXF, INDEXA, CDXC, LSDXA, TCDXA, GDXF, SDXF and many individual amateurs. We greatly appreciate all of the contributions. We are finding that operating from Afghanistan is even more expensive than it was to operate from IRAQ! (YI9PSE)

Some of you have written to ask if we will operate in the US General Class portion of the bands. The answer is Yes! You can check the latest cluster spots for our operating frequencies here: We will focus on General Class portions of the bands during the second half of the ten day DXpedition. We will announce our start date in The Daily DX, DX-World and DX Coffee.

We will regularly check propagation to the North America, KH6, ZL, and VK. We will regularly ask for those stations as we know how difficult it is to reach YA/T6 from those regions. Our North America and EU pilot stations will keep us up to date on when and where we can be heard.

Thank you for your interest and support in our operation.

The T6PSE DXpedition Team.


The T6PSE DXpedition team plans to visit AFGHANISTAN in the Spring of 2011. We will work all HF bands/modes. We will make every effort to work the low bands as well as to provide T6 to North and South America, as well as to the entire amateur radio community.

The T6PSE DXpedition Team.