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Hello and welcome to:
South Sandwich VP8STI (AN-009) & South Georgia VP8SGI (AN-007)
DXpedition web site, where we'll give you more information about our DXpedition.

The South Sandwich Islands are a cold and inhospitable place. At 59 degrees south, Southern Thule Island is one of the most remote places on Earth.

Southern Thule is closer to the polar circle and the South Pole than either Bouvet Island or Heard Island. To get there, we will voyage the Drake Passage and brave strong winds and high seas.

The Intrepid-DX Group is proud to announce a major ham radio expedition to two rare entities in January-February 2016. South Sandwich Island and South Georgia Island are two of the most remote places on Earth. This DXpedition is made possible by the generous financial support of the global DX Community.

We invite you to follow our progress on this website as we move forward with our plans to activate these two rare entities. The content of our website will be constantly updated, so please check our progress frequently.

On January 9th, 2016 a team of fourteen Intrepid DXers will depart Stanley, the Falkland Islands on the venerable RV Braveheart and embark on a 37 day voyage encompassing South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands. Our plans have us activating South Sandwich island first as it is the #3 most wanted DXCC in Clublog. We will be active on South Sandwich for eight full days, weather and sea conditions permitting. We expect to start our activation of VP8STI on January 17th.

We will then re-board the RV Braveheart and make a voyage to South Georgia Island, the #8th most wanted DXCC entity. We will activate South Georgia Island for eight full days starting on or about February 1st, 2016. Including set up and tear down time,we plan to be on each island for ten days.

While we intend to activate these two rare entities during this voyage, our primary activity and focus is completing eight days of activation at South Sandwich Island as it is most needed by the global dx community. This is our primary goal is to do a good job from South Sandwich before moving to South Georgia Island.

Our total budget for this DXpedition is $425,000 much of which is being provided by the fourteen team members. We invite all Foundation, Club and individual donations via our Donate page.

You can follow our news and activity via this website as well as our Facebook and Twitter posts.

Thank you for your interest in our DXpedition!

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