Youth Program

Youth & Community Participation.

Since the early 1990’s, the Intrepid DX-Group's leadership, David (K3LP), Paul (N6PSE) and other team members, have led our effort to incorporate "Youth Development and Community Involvement" in our Amateur Radio DXpeditions. Those included were the ET3AA Addis Abba University in 2011, 3D2R Rotuma Youth Project in 2011, Dorothy Grant Elementary School Amateur Radio Club (K6DGE) and School Students in 2010-present, YI9PSE Iraq, T33C Banaba, ST0R S. Sudan in 2013, XZ1J Myanmar in 2013, 8P6R in 2005, 3D2DC in 2004, VU3RWO in 2006, J6R, J6/K3LP in 1997-2003, A61AF Dubai Men's College/A61AJ 1996-1998 and many others.

During the South Sandwich and South Georgia Island DXpedition, we have two elementary schools in the USA that will take part in sharing this dx-petition experience. In addition, we seeking permission to visit a local school on the Falkland Islands to share the USA students flags/banners and trip details. The USA school flags/banners will travel by airplane with team members from Baltimore, Maryland to JKF International Airport in New York, Santiago, Chile and The Falkland Islands, and then board the Braveheart boat to S. Sandwich Islands and S. Georgia Islands. The departure time is scheduled for January 7, 2016 and return Feb. 21, 2016.

Dorothy Grant Elementary School - Fontana, CA USA
Our Honorary School this trip is the trusted Dorothy Grant Elementary School in Fontana, CA. Teacher Beverly Matheson's (WA6BK) 4th Grade Class students and DGES K6DGE Amateur Radio Club have prepared a DGES Flag that will travel to and from the islands. In addition, the students have prepared a small weather tracking experiment for the DXpedition to participate. We hope to continue to ignite the interest of these students in Amateur Radio.

Gerstell Academy - Finksburg, MD USA
We welcome all Lower School Students at Gerstell Academy to participate on this trip to learn about foreign travel, geography and weather related topics. The key contact persons at the school involved with the project are:
Amy Funk - Head; Lower School
Rhonda Martinez - Teacher; 5th Grade
Brady Dillon (5th Grade) - Student Science Project Lead; S. Georgia & S. Sandwich Island

During the trip, we'll contact the students via Amateur Radio and/or satellite phone from the ice covered islands near the S. Pole. We'll have an opportunity to visit the schools upon return and share in the students and our experiences. Please let us know if you have any questions about the Intrepid-DX Group’s Youth Program.

Thank you,
David Collingham-K3LP
Paul Ewing-N6PSE